Guitar player writing chords using Cardinote App in music studio.

Learn guitar chords and write songs in a breeze

The Cardinote app is a lyrics notepad that knows every guitar chord in the universe, so you don't have to.

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Learn chords playing the songs you love

Write or paste your song. The app instantly finds every chord and recommends playable voicings. Dig deeper on each chord to uncover a trove of music knowledge.

Unknown chord R is highlighted against correct chords C, F and G7.
Chord Spelling

See how chords are built from musical notes

Barre Chords

Learn movable voicings to play in any key

Simplified Chords

Get jamming faster with easier voicings

Discover new chords to spice up your playing

Want to add some flair to your chords? No problem. Any valid combination of chord qualities, extensions and alterations is supported.

Chord info panels showing chord diagrams, voicings and musical notes.


Added Tone Chords


Altered Chords


Extended Chords


Slash Chords


Suspended Chords

Get more from the app with Cardinote Brio

Jam with instant feedback, write chords automatically and more. Supercharge your playing with the powerful MIDI guitar pickup.

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Cardinote Brio front angle shot against a dark, dramatic backdrop.

Create beautiful chord sheets in one click

Say goodbye to songs that look like it was written with a typewriter. Just hit export PDF - your masterpiece is ready to be shared. It's also a quick and easy way to create chord charts for practicing.

Crisp Lyrics and Chords
Unlimited Pages
Multi-column Layout
Print-ready song sheet with title, chord diagrams and lyrics.
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